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Skin Cancer Surgery in North Dakota and Kansas

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One of the most common treatments for skin cancer is surgical excision. Performed for both melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers, surgical excision is done by cutting away the malignant growth along with a small amount of the surrounding tissue. The excised skin tissue will be given to a pathologist for further testing to ascertain whether or not the remaining area is cancer-free. In case the tissue turns out to be cancerous, your dermatologist may perform a secondary treatment to remove the remaining cancer. Our providers at Skin Win Dermatology specialize in skin cancer surgery at our offices in Williston, Minot, and Bismarck, ND. Set up an appointment to find out if surgical excision or another skin cancer removal treatment would be recommended for you.

Skin cancer surgery is normally performed using local anesthesia, although sometimes general anesthesia is used in more extensive procedures. Your dermatologist will thoroughly sanitize the treatment area before using a scalpel or surgical blade to cut away the skin cancer cells along with a portion of the surrounding tissue. An electric tool could also be used to carry out a feathering technique, which will smooth the borders circling the wound. This helps remove additional cells from the lesion and minimizes the likelihood of scarring. Once the excision process is finished, the wound will be sewn closed with special glue or stitches, and the excised tissue is sent to the lab. In addition, a sterile badge will be applied to shield the wound from infection.

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If you discover an abnormal growth on your skin, it's important to have it assessed as soon as you can. The experienced team at Skin Win Dermatology provides treatment for cancerous lesions and growths at several office locations throughout North Dakota and Kansas. Schedule an appointment for a skin assessment with us today, and find out more about our skin cancer testing and surgical removal options in Williston, Minot, and Bismarck, ND.

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