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Skin Tags in North Dakota and Kansas

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About 25 percent of adults have small, benign lesions known as skin tags. The flesh-colored skin growths (also known as acrochordon) are harmless and may vary from a pinhead-sized bump to the size of a pencil eraser. Though skin tags don't require medical attention, you might want tags treated if they create irritation when they rub against clothes. You might also consider having a skin tag treated if it's in a visible location, such as your face. If you would like to learn more about skin tag removal, schedule an appointment at Skin Win Dermatology in Williston, Bismarck, or Minot, ND.

Skin tags may be either light brown or flesh-colored. They can differ in size from as small as one millimeter to about the size of a grape. The tag could be wrinkled or smooth, and many are connected to the skin by a small stem. While skin tags don't normally require treatment, many people wish to remove them. Tags may get trapped in clothes or jewelry, which may lead to redness, irritation, and even bleeding. You may also want to eliminate them for cosmetic reasons if they're in a visible location, like your face. To take off a skin tag, the team at Skin Win Dermatology may perform a surface surgical excision. Other options include freezing or burning off the tag.

I am so thrilled we have another dermatologist in Minot. Dr. Hoffman was very professional and friendly. He answered my questions and addressed my concerns. I HIGHLY recommend his services!

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Went to SkinWin and saw Dr Hoffman and was so pleased with how quick I was able to get in, address my concerns and offered to look at any other concerns on my skin that I had. Very professional and reassuring. I’ll be going back. So glad I didn’t have to make an additional appointment to ask more questions.

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Thank you so much!!! You helped our family in a time of need! We have been out of power for three days and skin win provided us a hotel for our three children & my husband to have a hot shower and be able to live “normal” for a few days! Thank you again! Your generosity is forever grateful! God bless you

L.W. Facebook

I would and have recommended Dr Graves. Very understanding and compassionate.

P.S. Google

Minot is so fortunate to have this wonderful business and expertise!

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If you have skin tags that you'd prefer to remove, the expert team at Skin Win Dermatology can help. There are a number of choices for skin tag removal that we can discuss before deciding on the right option for you. Skin Win Dermatology invites you to contact our Williston, Bismarck, or Minot, ND office to schedule a consultation to get more information on removing skin tags.

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