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A mole is a growth on the skin that is caused by a cluster of colored skin cells. At Skin Win Dermatology, our team provides routine mole checks to examine, measure, and record the size, shape, and development of moles on the body to make certain they're safe and not changing or cancerous. They can be black, brown, or a combination of the two and can grow alone or in groups. Moles may also be flat or look like round bumps. Even though many are harmless, some may turn into cancer. If you have moles on your body and feel unsure about the health of them, or if one becomes bothersome, schedule an appointment at our dermatology office in Williston, Bismarck, or Minot, ND.

Usually, moles do not require treatment unless they become suspicious, cancerous, or cause irritation, discomfort, or cosmetic issues. In these situations, our staff may want to remove the mole(s). For surgical excision, the area around the mole will be locally numbed and a scalpel or similar device is utilized to excise the mole and a bit of the surrounding skin. The wound is then closed with sutures. At times, if the mole is flush with the skin, a surgical shaving method can be used where the area is numbed and a small blade is used to cut all around and under the mole. Stitches aren't required for this method.

I am so thrilled we have another dermatologist in Minot. Dr. Hoffman was very professional and friendly. He answered my questions and addressed my concerns. I HIGHLY recommend his services!

N.S. Google

Went to SkinWin and saw Dr Hoffman and was so pleased with how quick I was able to get in, address my concerns and offered to look at any other concerns on my skin that I had. Very professional and reassuring. I’ll be going back. So glad I didn’t have to make an additional appointment to ask more questions.

S.C. Google

Thank you so much!!! You helped our family in a time of need! We have been out of power for three days and skin win provided us a hotel for our three children & my husband to have a hot shower and be able to live “normal” for a few days! Thank you again! Your generosity is forever grateful! God bless you

L.W. Facebook

I would and have recommended Dr Graves. Very understanding and compassionate.

P.S. Google

Minot is so fortunate to have this wonderful business and expertise!

R.O. Facebook


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If you have moles that are bothersome or suspicious in appearance, we recommend having them checked out by a professional. Skin Win Dermatology provides mole checks and options for removal at our offices in North Dakota and Kansas. We are dedicated to supplying you with the level of attention that you need and deserve.

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