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Melasma in North Dakota and Kansas

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Melasma occurs when uneven patches of darkened skin show up on the face or forearms. These tan or brownish patches usually occur symmetrically on the forehead, nose, cheeks, or upper lip. The symmetry of melasma distinguishes it from other skin conditions that cause dark patches on the skin. As a common skin condition, melasma occurs more frequently in females, especially in relation to menopause and pregnancy. The condition can also result from sun damage. People who have darker skin types are far more vulnerable to melasma than those who have lighter complexions. The experts at Skin Win Dermatology regularly diagnose melasma and provide effective treatment options. Schedule an appointment at one of our North Dakota and Kansas office locations today.

There are numerous options for treating melasma. First, there are a number of topical ointments, gels, or lotions that could be recommended to help expedite skin lightening. Second, there are skin care treatments, such as Dermapen®, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or fractional lasers. Another alternative is intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. Unlike lasers, which utilize intense, concentrated lighting, IPL is intense broadband light so the recovery period is brief. Improvements normally last when the patient implements superb sun protection and maintenance.

I am so thrilled we have another dermatologist in Minot. Dr. Hoffman was very professional and friendly. He answered my questions and addressed my concerns. I HIGHLY recommend his services!

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Went to SkinWin and saw Dr Hoffman and was so pleased with how quick I was able to get in, address my concerns and offered to look at any other concerns on my skin that I had. Very professional and reassuring. I’ll be going back. So glad I didn’t have to make an additional appointment to ask more questions.

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Thank you so much!!! You helped our family in a time of need! We have been out of power for three days and skin win provided us a hotel for our three children & my husband to have a hot shower and be able to live “normal” for a few days! Thank you again! Your generosity is forever grateful! God bless you

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I would and have recommended Dr Graves. Very understanding and compassionate.

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Minot is so fortunate to have this wonderful business and expertise!

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If you are affected by melasma and have not been able to achieve the results you want using over-the-counter products, turn to the skin care experts at Skin Win Dermatology. Melasma requires a unique diagnosis so the ideal treatment can be given to minimize the appearance of pigmentation. We are proud to serve our patients at five office locations throughout North Dakota and Kansas.

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